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Android, and Blackberry

Mobile Device Information


iOS is Apple's mobile operating system. iOS runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Apple has sold over 120 million iOS devices. This breaks down to:
iPhone: 67.6 million
iPod Touch: 45.2 million
iPad: 7.2 million
The iPhone App Store has over 350,000 apps.
The iPad App Store has over 65,000 apps.
Apple has a 27% smartphone marketshare in the US.


Android is Google's mobile operating system. Unlike Apple, Google does not limit Android to their own hardware. Android runs on phones and tablets from a variety manufacturers.
There were over 67 million Android devices sold in 2010.
Android has a 29% smartphone marketshare in the US.


Blackberry is a Canadian mobile phone manufacturer. The Blackberry OS allows developers to create and submit apps to teh Blackberry App World
Blackberry has sold over 45 million phones in 2010.
Blackberry has over 20 thousands apps in their App World.
Blackberry has a 27% smartphone marketshare in the US.